Public Safety

  • We must address root-causes to crime, not political solutions, that only address symptoms.
  • SB91 & SB54 are the results, of political expediency and both have significant flaws.
  • Rural & Urban Alaska deserve a better model for address public safety issues.
  • Mission drift is resulting in higher cost public safety services.

Permanent Fund Dividend

  • I want to protect the Permanent Fund in the State Constitution.
  • Ensure the Dividend formula puts Alaskans first, protected by a 50/50 share between the citizen and the state.

State Budget/Size of State Government

  • Alaska's State Government is too large, and spending is too high.
  • I support an audit of all state spending in every department and program.
  • Continued spending growth is alarming while politicians claim reductions.
  • Alaska must return to mission-critical and constitutional expenditures only.
  • Establish a constitutionally driven spending cap.

Economy & Employment

  • Alaska is resource wealthy and our future prosperity will depend on proactive, respectful, and responsible Resource Development.
  • We must aggressively address Alaska's contracting job market and resist the political desire to raise taxes.
  • A strong rural economy will result in a robust Alaskan economy.
  • Alaska must create an environment to grow the private economy, not the government sector and remove high-cost barriers to doing business in Alaska.
  • Build stronger partnerships between Alaska Native Corporations and the State of Alaska for economic diversification.
  • We must build infrastructure for economic stimulation and diversification.

Alaska's Strategic Importance

  • Alaska is America's first line of defense to threats in the far east.
  • Alaska is the reason why America is an Arctic Nation.
  • Alaska's resource-based economic capacity is critical to America's independence.
  • Alaska's abundant fish, wildlife, wilderness, and ocean resources are globally significant and must be conserved.
  • The productivity of Alaska's resources is at an all-time low for wildlife, fish, timber, oil, and gas. Significant management changes are necessary.